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Online SPC 1608 Final Paper
Using any of the chapters from the textbook, I want you to write a reflection paper on what
you've learned from the terms in one or more of those chapters.
Choose five key terms, concepts, or ideas from anywhere in the text to write about (ie. the
words that are bolded and defined throughout the chapter, any headings, etc.).
For each key term you need to use a half-page to a full-page (double spaced)
discussing/addressing as many of the following (see the 3 prompts below) as you think is
necessary to fill that space and complete your discussion of the term:
1. How you used it in preparing your speech (ex. practicing, writing, brainstorming)
2. How you've seen it apply in your own life or in other people's lives, or how it might apply in
the future
3. What your thoughts are on that topic/concept in general
For example, if one of your key terms is "noise," you might write...
(#1) While I was preparing my speeches I always had to keep in mind that there would
be noise in the classroom. Sometimes people walk in late, or whisper, and even seeing the time
cards is a form of noise that I knew might interfere with my speech presentation, so I practiced
having my friends whisper and hold up time cards while I practiced my speech to help me cope
with these distractions. (#2) Knowing how to cope with noise will definitely help me in the
future when I have to give presentations in other classes or for a job I might have. (#3) Lastly,
the concept of noise is interesting to me because it's something that can be internal, not just
external. It's important to remember that my own personal problems, plans for the day, or just
daydreaming in class can keep me from receiving messages or successfully getting my message
to someone else.
(* Be careful not to define the term, you need to discuss it.)
Lastly, keep in mind...
- Put your name, the terms, and the chapter/s you'll be using at the top of your paper
-Each term you discuss should be 1 to 2 paragraph (approximately a half-page to a full-page
double-spaced) in length
- Skip lines between each key term, so I'm able to see where one discussion ends and the next
- Underline each key term when you use it the first time so it's not overlooked when I'm grading,
which will cost you points
- Each key term you've discussed is worth 20 points of this 100 point final paper, so be sure
you've put in as much effort as you can


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