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Snappy Company, estimated the following for 2009:
Manufacturing Overhead$100,000
Direct Labor hours 40,000

At year end (12/31/2009), actual DLH = 45,000
And actual overhead costs were $110,250.

A. Compute the overhead application rate for 2009.

B. Computer the over/under applied over head for 2009. Indicate if the amount is
Over or under applied.

C. If Job #334 required $5,000 of direct materials and 400 DLH at a cost
Of $6/hour, compute the total cost for Job #67.

Total Cost

D. If Job #334 consisted of 200 units, what is the cost per unit?

Question #3: Activity-Based Costing
Anfuso Corporation uses activity-based costing to determine product costs for external financial reports. The company has provided the following data concerning its activity-based costing system. Calculate the per unit cost for Products X and Y.
Activity Cost Pools (and Activity Measures)Estimated Overhead Cost
Machine related (machine-hours)$159,500
Batch setup (setups)$269,000
General factory (direct labor-hours)$166,500

Expected Activity
Activity Cost PoolsTotalProduct XProduct Y
Machine related11,0008,0003,000
Batch setup10,0006,0004,000
General factory9,0005,0004,000

1. Calculation of Activity Rates:
ActivityEstimatedExpected Activity
Cost PoolOverhead CostActivityRate

Total $

2. Calculation of unit product costs:

Manufacturing Overhead
Product X Product Y
Activity Activity ExpectedExpected
Cost PoolRateActivityAmountActivityAmount

Number of units 15,000 2,000
Overhead costs per unit:

Total Unit Cost:
Prod. XProd. Y
Direct materials$30$75
Direct labor: 25 35
Manf. O/H
Unit Costs

Question 4:Wacky Company showed the following information for August:
Percent Complete
Work in process, beginning80075%50%
Started into production15,000
Completed and transferred out13,800
Work in process, ending2,00080%40%
Work in process, beginning $4,640 $ 2,540
Cost added during August $97,000 $ 215,000
Prepare a production report for Wacky for August.
1. Quantity Schedule and Equivalent Units
Units to be accounted for:Qty. Sch.
Beginning W-I-P
Started in production
Total units
Equivalent units
Units accounted for as follows:MaterialsCosts

Transferred out
Ending W-I-P
Total units and equivalent units
2. Cost per Equivalent UnitTotal ConversionWhole
Cost to be accounted for:
Beginning W-I-P
Costs added during the month
Total cost
Equivalent units of production:
Cost per Equivalent Unit
3. Cost ReconciliationEquivalent units
Total Conversion
Costs accounted for as follows:CostMaterialsCosts
Transferred out:
Ending W-I-P
Conversion Costs
Total W-I-P

Total Cost


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