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1.The controller of a small private college is complaining about the amount of work she is required to do at the beginning of each month. The president of the university requires the controller to submit a monthly report by the fifth day of the following month. The monthly report contains pages of financial data from operations. The controller was heard saying, "Why does the president need all this information? He probably doesn't read half of the report. He's an old English professor and probably doesn't know the difference between a cost and revenue.
a. What is the probable role of the monthly report?
b. What is the controller's responsibility with respect to a president who doesn't know much accounting?

2. Midstate University is trying to decide whether to allow 100 more students into the university. Tuition is $5000 per year. The controller has determined the following schedule of costs to educate students:
Number of StudentsTotal Costs
The current enrollment is 4200 students. The president of the university has calculated the cost per student in the following manner: $30,600,000/4200 students = $7286 per student. The president was wondering why the university should accept more students if the tuition is only $5000.
a. What is wrong with the president's calculation?
b. What are the fixed and variable costs of operating the university?

6.Sonimad Sawmill manufactures two lumber products from a joint milling process. The two products developed are mine support braces (MSBs) and unseasoned commercial building lumber (CBL). A standard production run incurs joint costs of $300,000 and results in 60,000 units of MSB and 90,000 units of CBL. Each unprocessed unit of MSB sells for $2 per unit and each unprocessed unit of CBL sells for $4 per unit.

If the CBL is processed further at a cost of $200,000, it can be sold at $10 per unit but 10,000 units are unavoidably lost (with no discernible value). The MSB units can be coated with a preservative at a cost of $100,000 per production run and then sold for $3.50 each.

a.If no further work is done after the initial milling process, calculate the cost of CBL using physical quantities to allocate the joint cost.

b.If no further work is done after the initial milling process, calculate the cost of MSB using relative sales value to allocate the joint cost.

c.Should MSB and CBL be processed further or sold immediately after initial milling?

d.Given your decision in (c), prepare a schedule computing the completed cost assigned to each unit of MSB and CBL as charged to finished goods inventory. Use net realizable value for allocating joint costs.

10.Derf Company applies overhead on the basis of direct labor hours. Two direct labor hours are required for each product unit. Planned production for the period was set at 9,000 units. Manufacturing overhead for the period is budgeted at $135,000, of which 20 percent is fixed. The 17,200 hours worked during the period resulted in production of 8,500 units. Manufacturing overhead cost incurred was $136,500.

Calculate the following three overhead variances:

a.Overhead volume variance.
b.Overhead efficiency variance.

c.Overhead spending variance.


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