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(Solved) (Latest ver. Aug 2020) - An Examination of Leonardo Da Vinci and The Mona Lisa

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Please discuss the Renaissance time period history and explain the following:

Explanation how Leonardo Da Vinci artist's work reflects or defines in the Renaissance time period
Description of some of the Da Vinci artist's pieces
Discussion of the use of line, form, color, texture, and material as found within one of the pieces you have chosen above
Why doe the renaissance time period appeal to most people

The Renaissance changed the way that art was funded and accepted by patrons of the arts instead of the Church being the sole benefactor of Artists: people were exploring, inventing and sculpting and painting like never before. But it was the combination of scientific exploration and artistic freedom that makes the Renaissance the time that appeals to most people when thinking and learning about art.

Leonardo Da Vinci was the ultimate Renaissance man. He was an inventor, a scientist and an artist. As an apprentice to Verrocchio, he was exposed to machines, and learned their workings. In his sketch books, researchers have found drawings resembling parachutes,war tanks, helicopters,SCUBA tanks, water lifting devices, crossbows and retractable landing gear for planes, and probably more. I do not think of him as a scientist, but he was of the science and art inventions that still exists today. He lived during the Renaissance, which was a favorite time for people to think of in history, because the middle ages were so rigid, filled with death, and governed by the rules of the Catholic Church.


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