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37. What mode of nutrition is performed by organism in the protista kingdom?
A) autotrophicB) heterotrophicC) both A and BD) neither A nor B

38. All members of the protista kingdom are composed of
A) eukaryoteB) prokaryotic cellsC) A and BD) Nether A nor B

39. In what division would you find the mushroom-shaped species of fungi?
A) ascomycotaB) basidiomycotaC) A zygomycota D) none of these

40. Members of the fungi kingdom
A) are autotrophic
B) are heterotrophic
C) have structures composed of prokaryotic cells

43. Most fossils are found in
A) igeneous rockB) metamorphic rockC) sedimentary rockD) tar pits

44. Many changes that occur in living organisms are the result of mutation. This idea was first put forth by
A) Charles DarwinB) Jean Baptiste LamarckC) Hogo VriesD) Jay Gould

45. The theory that characteristics acquired during the life of parent organism will be passed down to its offspring was proposed by
A) Charles DarwinB) WeinbergC) LamarckD) Linncaus

46. Suppose the E. coli synthesize DNA at a rate of 1000,000 nucleotides per minute and takes 40 minutes to replicate its chromosomes

(a) How many base pairs are present in the entire E. coli chromosomes?
(b) What is the physical length of the chromosome in its helical configuration, that I, what is the circumference of the circular chromosome?


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