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There are three major classes of Cephalopods. Which of the following is a Cephalopod?
a. Squid
b. Conch
c. Clam
d. Snail

Which type of Cnidarian body plan is less motile?
a. larvae
b. worm
c. Polyp
d. medusa

What moves the Gastric Mill?
A. wings
B. tendons
C. ligaments
D. muscles

What are the structures called where blood enters the heart?
A. artia
B. ostium
C. arteries
D. veins

Where is food ground up?
A. pyloric stomach
B. gastric stomach
C. gizzard
D. crop

What provides the major force for backward swimming?
A. uropods
B. chelopeds
C. telson
D. rostrum

What muscle causes the mandibles to come together?
A. mandibular adductor muscles
B. mandibular chewing muscles
C. abdominal flexor muscles
D. all of the above

What covers the Brachial Chamber?
A. carapace
B. rostrum
C. uropods
D. telson

What organs excrete excess Water and Ammonia?
A. rostrum
B. green glands
C. malpighian tubules
D. chelipeds

Where does the female store sperm until she lays her eggs?
A. seminal vesicle
B. uterus
C. seminal receptacle
D. vagina

What are the first pair of walking legs called?
A. stilters
B. swimmerets
C. pleopods
D. chelipeds

The male genital opening is located at the base of which pair of walking legs?
A. first
B. third
C. fifth
D. seventh

The female genital opening is located at the base of which pair of walking legs?
A. first
B. third
C. fifth
D. seventh

How many pair of uropods does a crayfish have?
A. one
B. two
C. three
D. four

What is the posterior-most extension of the last body segment called?
A. telson
B. uropods
C. rostrum
D. carapace

What are the telson and Uropods used for?
A. forward swimming
B. food gathering
C. pollen collection
D. rapid backward motion to escape

What name is given to the paired appendages of the abdomen?
A. chelipeds and swimmerets
B. swimmerets and antennae
C. swimmerets and uropods
D. uropods and pleopods

What is the name of the groove between the head and the thorax called?
A. oral groove
B. cephalic groove
C. terminal groove
D. expulsotory groove

What covers the Cephalothorax
A. carapace
B. rostrum
C. gill plate
D. gastric mill

What is the sharp front extension of the carapace called?
A. cheliped
B. rostrum
C. antennae
D. swimmeret

Name 2 different kinds of sensory organs of the crayfish.
A. antennae and eyes
B. legs and uropods
C. rostrum and eyes
D. eyes and legs

Which appendages are used for defense and food handling?
A. rostrum
B. antennae
C. walking legs
D. chelipeds

How many pair of swimmerets does a crayfish have?
A. 2
B. 3
C. 5
D. 7

How many pair of walking legs does a grayfish have?
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4

Which swimmerets are adapted for sperm transfer in the male crayfish?
A. the first 2 pair
B. the last 2 pair
C. the first and last pair
D. all of them


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