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1. The four basic animal tissues are

a. connective, digestive, nervous, and respiratory.
b. blood, bone, connective, and epithelial.
c. epithelial, connective, muscle, and nervous.
d. digestive, nervous, reproductive, and respiratory.
e. circulatory, excretory, respiratory, and sensory.

2. Homeostatic mechanisms are processes that

a. connect distant parts of the body by transporting materials.
b. store and release fuel needed for cellular respiration.
c. maintain a relatively constant internal environment.
d. form lamellae within the osteons.
e. relay, process, and store information.

3. Ectothermic animals

a. depend on heat from the external environment to adjust their body temperatures.
b. may dilate blood vessels to increase blood flow and heat to the skin.
c. maintain a relatively constant body temperature despite external temperatures.
d. may have feathers to keep them insulated.
e. none of the above


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