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The platypus and the spiny anteater are examples of which mammalian group?
a. marsupials
b. monotremes
c. placentals
d. hominids

Almost all invertebrate chordates are
a. predators
b. parasites
c. filter feeders
d. scavengers

Which of the following is not a characteristic chordate feature?
a. a pharynx
b. a notochord
c. a nerve cord
d. a pseudocoelom

Which of the following is not a subphyla of the phylum Chordata?
a. Urochordata
b. Hemichordata
c. Cephalochordata
d. Vertebrata

The duck-billed platypus
a. passes gametes, feces, and urine through the same duct
b. gives birth to live young
c. is found in Africa and Australia
d. is active primarily during the day

The placoderms
a. include the sharks and rays
b. were the earliest jawless fishes
c. became extinct during the Carboniferous period
d. gave rise to the amphibians

The invasion of the Great Lakes by ______ has decimated the lakes' trout populations.
a. coelocanths
b. lampreys
c. sturgeons
d. ratfishes

The only living lobe-finned fish is the
a. lamprey
b. hagfish
c. coelocanth
d. chiamera

The amphibians arose from ______ during the ______.
a. placoderms; Cambrian
b. lungfishes; Jurassic
c. lobe-finned fishes; Devonian
d. hagfishes; Silurian

a. have external fertilization
b. produce amniote eggs
c. gave rise to the amphibians
d. are the most diverse vertebrate group

Only birds
a. have a cloaca
b. lay amniote eggs
c. have feathers
d. have a four-chambered heart

Which of the following is not a mammalian lineage?
a. the monotremes
b. the synapsids
c. the marsupials
d. the therians

Mammals did not arise until after the extinction of the dinosaurs.
a. true
b. false

The most species-rich vertebrate group are the
a. mammals
b. reptiles
c. amphibians
d. fishes

The vertebrate jaw first appeared in
a. mammals
b. reptiles
c. amphibians
d. fishes

Lungs evolved as outpouchings of the :
a. swim bladder
b. stomach
c. esophagus
d. blood vessels

The caecilians are a small group of
a. mammals
b. reptiles
c. amphibians
d. fishes

The ______ can use their skin as a respiratory surface.
a. mammals
b. reptiles
c. amphibians
d. birds

Reptiles resemble _____ in ______.
a. fish; not being able to leave the water
b. ostracoderms; lacking jaws
c. amphibians; relying on water for reproduction
d. birds; producing amniote eggs

The first vertebrates with a four-chambered heart fully separated into two halves were the
a. birds
b. amphibians
c. crocodilians
d. monotremes

The ______ gave rise to the mammals.
a. crocodilians
b. therapsids
c. tuataras
d. anapsids


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