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Mammals alone
a. have hair and mammary glands
b. have a four-chambered heart
c. have the ability to regulate body temperature
d. exhibit parental care of the young

Genetic and immunological evidence show that the greatest differences occur between human populations native to ______ and all other human populations.
a. Africa
b. Asia
c. Australia
d. Europe

There are currently about ______ mammalian species on the endangered species list.
a. 30
b. 300
c. 3,000
d. 3,000,000

Only the anatomically modern humans and others of their lineage are classified as
a. anthropoid
b. hominids
c. hominoids
d. australopiths

There are only three living species of
a. marsupials
b. monotremes
c. eutherians
d. therapsids

The earliest known hominid fossils are from
a. South America
b. the Middle East
c. Asia
d. East Africa

According to the African-emergence model,
a. australopiths migrated out of Africa and into Asia and Europe
b. modern humans arose in several different locations throughout the world
c. modern humans arose in Africa, then dispersed
d. all groups of modern humans are equally related

The fossil remains known as "Lucy"
a. were found in Asia
b. are of a gracile australopith
c. are about 10 million years old
d. all of the above

Homo erectus
a. was the first known tool maker
b. was a gracile australopith
c. lived in Europe, Asia, and Africa
d. is not considered an ancestor of modern humans


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