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Please help!!!! I need to know how to do this and I need a complete example of what is written below. I am lost trying to do this!!!! Please do not take this if you can not give me a complete detail answer for this question. It needs to be complete, and I need to be able to get a true understanding of what is involved in this. Thank you

During the Paleozoic and Mesozoic eras several classes of vertebrates (Amphibia, Reptilia, Aves, and Mammalia) evolved and became established as basic grades of vertebrate organization. This evolutionary divergence resulted from effects changing environmental selective pressures had on random genetic variation of existing vertebrate groups. Extinct biological complexes never reappear during evolutionary progressions.

1. With these ideas in mind, I need to evolve a new mammalian order from an extant species of an existing order. I have to include selective pressures, new adaptations, and the new niche.

I need to describe in detail. I must have a name for this new order. The new order must still be a mammal and have all basic mammalian characteristics, and should differ from other mammalian orders only on an ordinal taxonomic rank level.

2. Then I need to evolve a new class of vertebrates from the order of mammals I have produced. I have to include selective pressures, new adaptations, and the new niche.

Then describe in detail the characteristics of this new class and name it.

The new class must still be a vertebrate and have all the basic vertebrate characteristics and should differ from other classes only on a class taxonomic rank level.


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