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Symbiotic Relationships. See attached file for full problem description.

Symbiotic Relationship Handout
Laboratory 33
1. What is symbiosis?

2. Describe these types of symbiotic relationships.
A. mutualism
B. commensalism
C. parasitism
3. Complete the following describing these types of symbiosis.

Mutualistic RelationshipOrganisms InvolvedInteraction of organisms involved
Root Nodules



Ants and Acacia

4. Complete the table describing these types of commensalism.

Mutualistic RelationshipsOrganisms InvolvedInteraction of the organisms involved


Clown fish


5.Complete the table describing types of parasitism found in the textbook.
Name of Parasite
Common name/
Scientific NamePhylum of ParasiteMethod of transmissionIntermediate HostAttacks what organ?
Description of Life Cycle


Image A

1.Name of organism and phylum of each
2.Method of transmission
3.Type of symbiosis
4.Is there an intermediate host?
5.Scientific name
6.Head region called
7.Sections called

Image B

1.Names of organisms involved and phylum of each
2.Affect of each organism
3.Type of symbiosis
4.Name of organism in nodules
5.Process undergoing in nodules

Image C

1.Name of organism and phylum
2.Found in what organism
3.Found where
4.How it benefits other organism
5.How the other organism benefit it
6.Type of symbiosis

Image D

1.Organisms involved and phylum of each
2.How each is affected
3.Type of symbiosis
Image E

1.Organisms involved
2.How each is affected
3.Type of symbiosis
4.Phyla involved
Image F

1.Organisms involved and phylum of each
3.Mode of transmission

Do Review page 479


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