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In your paper, address the following points:

Explain why Glycine, which appears quite frequently, is important to the helical structure of collagen?
Compare the structure of collagen to the twisted fibers in a rope.
Explain how mutations in cases of Osteogenesis imperfecta result in more brittle bones.
If a bulkier amino acid is substituted for the glycine residues in the collagen sequence, what is the impact on the collagen triple helix?
Have you ever noticed that meat from an older animal is tougher? Consider what happens to collagen molecules as they age. Collagen can be intermolecularly and intramolecularly crosslinked. This covalent bond occurs between Lysine and Histidine side chains. Explain how this modification leads to increased stiffness and a decrease in tensile strength.
please make each question a page and references please.
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