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(Solved) (Latest ver. Aug 2020) - Sugar Substitutes, their Benefits and Concerns

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Choose one sugar substitute and describe what makes this substance unique.
Today artificial sweeteners and other sugar substitutes are found in a variety of food and beverages. Identify three food products that contain a sugar substitute.
a. Explain why is it advantageous (to you the consumer and the producer of the product) to include the sugar substitute instead of natural sugar in the food products you identified.
b. Why do you think that the use of marketing claims such as "sugar-free" or "diet" are powerful tools?
c. Have you ever purchased a product based on these marketing claims?
i. Did you research why the product was able to make the claim?
ii. Will your research from this Discussion change your purchasing choices? Why?
Compare and contrast one health benefit and one health concern with regards to the use of artificial sweeteners.
a. Do you think that the benefits are greater that of the concerns? Explain.
b. Explain why there is a growing concern that these artificial sweeteners are addictive
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