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(Solved) (Latest ver. Aug 2020) - Trisaccharide and Sugar Properties

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Provide the complete & accurate systematic name for this molecule. Be sure to include the correct names, in order, of the sugar residues, the correct numeric linkage for the glycosidic bonds, and any necessary information about anomeric carbons.

See attached file for trisaccharide molecular formula.

The first monosaccharide residue (left-most sugar) is an epimer of __________ at the ___________ position. (Simply name the sugar & then name the correct carbon number).

Is this trisaccharide a reducing sugar? Why?

How many chiral carbons exist in this trisaccharide structure?

The second (middle) sugar residue is a(n):
a. aldopentose
b. aldohexose
c. ketopentose
d. ketohexose
e. aldotriose

What chemical reaction occurs in order to form a trisaccharide?
a. hydrolysis
b. condensation
c. isomerization
d. phosphorylation
e. hydrogenation


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