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1) In the article,"Why Can't People Feed Themselves?" by Frances Moore Lappe and Joseph Collins, what is the main theme and the most important points that the authors are trying to make?

2) In the article, what process or processes are the two authors talking about when they state that "hunger and underdevelopment must always be thought of as a 'process'?"

3) In the article, what has been the economic legacy of colonialism? How have historians misrepresented the nature of history?

4) In the Article, "The Price of Progress" by John Bodley, what is the most frequently used measure of progress in quality of life and why is it inadequate?

5) In the article, upon what exactly is the author saying that the entire "victims of progress" issue hinges? Why is he saying tribal people are victimized?

6) What is the author saying are some medical problems that result from progress and what is he saying the causes of those medical problems are?


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