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(Solved) (Latest ver. Aug 2020) - Forensic use of ABO blood groups and VNTR allele frequencies

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The forensic use of ABO blood groups and VNTR allele frequencies
Frequencies of ABO and Rh blood group types in the United States
(see attached file)

a) What is the probability that a B+ blood stain in the US lefta at the scene of a crime randomly matches a person of the following ancestry

A genetic sytem that is far more variable than the simple blood types consists of atretches of DNA called VNTRs (variable number of tandem repeats). Each of thes VNTR (also known as minisatellites) loci contain many alleles, most of which are very rate.
(see attached)

b) Calculate the probability that an individual picked at random from the Caucasian population has the following genotype (allele 1/allele 2)

5/22heterozygote at D1S7
6/8heterozygote at D2S44
5/9heterozygote at D17S79
12/12homozygote at D4S139

c) What is the probability that an individual has full multilocus DNA profile in b)?


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