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As a graduate student studying the insects which are native to the tropical rainforest of Central and South America, you are strongly interested in preserving the balance of nature in the delicate ecosystems. You would like to see most of the land in the rainforest legally protected. However, as the time approaches for you begin your travels, you have become increasingly aware that this is a highly controversial point of view. You want to be sensitive to and respectful of the opinions of the indigenous people. Initially you naively thought "everybody" except big business was in favor of preserving the rainforests. Your attitude was "us against them".

As you are studying, you have learned that there are multiple perspectives. The native people, the corporations, the Latin American governments, the residents of the United States and the environmentalists do not share the same viewpoints.

Your objective prior to traveling to Latin America is to become sensitive to the "mind think" which shapes the attitudes of the native people. Make certain you represent the complex tightrope walked by the populations who are native to the region. What are some of their issues as you perceive them to be? It is requisite that your article represents the issues from the perspective of the local populations, not from your own. Are there different levels of complexity to the issues? What economic and societal factors influence the inhabitant's approach to these issues? What kinds of compromises or solutions do you suggest which would best satisfy their needs and desires for their land?

Write an article, possibly for future publication, regarding the deforestation of the tropical rainforest. Make certain your article represents the perspective of the inhabitants


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