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Are "barbarians" (sometimes referred to as terrorists), likely to take over? How will our culture stop them? The text notes, page 214, that history tells us that cultures considered to be "barbarian" conquered "civilized" empires, such as Rome and China in the past. Some today point to what is happening in our world today as terrorists threaten our culture and we find ourselves in a prolonged war, some wonder when or how this war will end. They sometimes offer their suspicion that this is what can happen to our culture today, it could be destroyed by a "barbarian" culture. For example, if "barbarians" destroyed important links required by our civilization for needed resources such as oil, could we survive? Our present life style would not be able to continue as scarce oil, or some other resource that is today relatively cheap, becomes so expensive it destroys our economy. Or some terrorist attack such as 9/11, or the spreading of some disease, could threaten culture by scaring large numbers of the population and disrupt things.

Briefly discuss your feelings about what is happening. Are you optimistic or pessimistic? Why? If the present war continues the military draft will have to be reinstated. This time both men and women will be subject to call up in a military draft. How would you react to such a draft? If you were drafted into the service in the next several years would you go? Why or why not? Do you believe we are defending our culture? What do you believe we are defending? If they (today's barbarians) are threating us, what might they take away? Are you willing to pay higher and higher taxes to continue an indefinite war? How do you feel about the leadership of our culture today?

To receive full credit you must discuss the above important questions showing critical thinking skills in doing so.

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