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2. Find two clearly identified items that are political and/or religious in nature. Try to find the meaning and symbolism in the works and describe them in detail. How are they Egyptian? What beliefs do they represent? This is an exercise in researching meaning in art.

Example: the pyramids at Giza are on the western bank of the Nile. This is the side where the sun sets which is symbolic of the passing of life. So the passing of the sun is a symbol of the passage of life. Possible ideas: Pharaoh is always young and healthy; he wears a cobra on his forehead (ureaus); pyramids are...well....pyramidal; boats have a strong symbolism; there's a bull on the back of the "Palette of Narmer" (in book) - why? what does it represent? Etc., etc. Start with an image in the book that you particularly like and try to find out why the artist chose to present it as he did.

Look at geography again. How is Egypt different from Mesopotamia? We often have people with a military background in class - how would you defend this area as opposed to Mesopotamia? What effect might this have on the culture?

3. The "palace" complex at Knossos on the island of Crete was the major settlement in Bronze Age Crete. The complex was added to many times in part because of natural disasters. Choose several sections of the complex and describe what it is and what function it serves. (For example, the main court or the West theatre area - try to find areas others haven't posted.)

The Knossos Palace is typical in many ways of all Minoan palaces. It will help to look at some other complexes in Bronze Age Crete to see what features they have. Also use comparison. How does this compare with previous examples of buildings from the Near East and Egypt?


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