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During both World Wars, governments used artists to create propaganda pieces. Search for examples of these â?" at least two from World War I and two from World War II. Capture the images into a Word document. Offer specific information as to how they were supposed to influence thinking. Explain whether or not you think such pieces could have been successful, offering reasons for your decisions. Offer citations for your findings.

Artists, before, during, and after the wars of the twentieth century also offered their interpretations of the governments involved and/or the effects of the wars and/or their feelings regarding social problems that they felt needed to be addressed. Again, find at least two examples of this type of art. Capture the images into a Word document. Provide information as to who, when, where, and why in terms of the artsâ?? creation. Explain whether or not you as a viewer found this art compelling and why you feel this way. Offer citations for your findings.

Explain how such art or propaganda exists in our world today. Cite two specific examples from your own experience. Either provide images of the piece(s) or describe it/them fully discussing the purposes for the particular images.


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