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Find an advertisement in a foreign language directed at children. It can be print or broadcast. Must attach ad with paper.
State where you found the ad and discuss it in terms of CARU's 8 core principles as listed
C. Core Principles
The following Core Principles apply to all practices covered by the self-regulatory
1. Advertisers have special responsibilities when advertising to children or
collecting data from children online. They should take into account the limited
knowledge, experience, sophistication and maturity of the audience to which
the message is directed. They should recognize that younger children have a
limited capacity to evaluate the credibility of information, may not understand
the persuasive intent of advertising, and may not even understand that they
are being subject to advertising.
2. Advertising should be neither deceptive nor unfair, as these terms are applied
under the Federal Trade Commission Act, to the children to whom it is
3. Advertisers should have adequate substantiation for objective advertising
claims, as those claims are reasonably interpreted by the children to whom
they are directed.
4. Advertising should not stimulate children's unreasonable expectations about
product quality or performance.
5. Products and content inappropriate for children should not be advertised
directly to them.
6. Advertisers should avoid social stereotyping and appeals to prejudice, and are
encouraged to incorporate minority and other groups in advertisements and to
present positive role models whenever possible.
7. Advertisers are encouraged to capitalize on the potential of advertising to
serve an educational role and influence positive personal qualities and
behaviors in children, e.g., being honest and respectful of others, taking safety
precautions, engaging in physical activity.
8. Although there are many influences that affect a child's personal and social
development, it remains the prime responsibility of the parents to provide
guidance for children. Advertisers should contribute to this parent-child
relationship in a constructive manner.
In sentence and paragraph format in at least 25 words cover each of the principles as appropriate. Then if it applies, offer suggestions of where in the advertisement changes should be made to render the message compliant with American standards (or not). Alternatively, if you think the advertisement is good to go as is, state your reasons for this judgment.

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