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Why do people produce art?

What is the value if any of studying art?

What functions do works of art in your local environment fulfill?

What is beauty? Does every piece of art have to be beautiful? Why or why not?

What is art?

Some artists believe the process is as important or maybe even more so than the product. What are your opinions?

How does art serve religion in our own time?

Does art help us come to terms with the tragedy of death?

How does time influence our response to certain works of art?

Today we open ancient tombs and display their contents for the public is this an acceptable practice?

Two major aspects of the Renaissance were a rebirth of interest in classicism and a new appreciation of human individuality and potential. Do you feel that any such "rebirth" of interest is driving attitudes at the beginning of the 21st century? If so, what type of interests and how is this "rebirth" affecting our world?

What powers do artists have today to form public opinion? In what media do these artists usually work?

As different cultures from various nations interact on the global stage, how can knowledge of each others' cultural symbols, beliefs, and attitudes become valuable? In art? In politics? In economics?

How might the cultures of the Pacific and the Americas have developed if they had not been invaded and conquered by Europeans? What do you think their works of art and architecture would look like today?

If you could express one important issue through a work of art, what would that issue be and how would you use media, techniques, elements, principles, symbols, and themes of art to present your views related to that issue?

In what ways have film and video affect our lives in the late 20th and early 21st centuries?

Consider the history of photojournalism: how have the roles and purposes of photojournalists evolved during the past century? In what ways can the public rely on photography to tell the "truth" about historical events?

Does advertising represent products honestly? What are some examples of honest and dishonest ads?

Should distinctions be made between fine art and crafts? Why or why not?


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