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I am seeking assistance on my Reasearch paper on Women and Affirmative Action. I'm sure that many of you have plenty of material on Affirmative Action as it's a very popular topic. I am starting the bid low, but if you accept my posting, please contact me right away through messaging and we will work together and I will raise my bid. This is a pretty straight forward assignment, but I don't have the time to do all of the work at the moment as I am in the process of traveling. I appreciate your help!

The topic is Women and Affirmative Action

Research Project Description:

Each student is expected to develop one in-depth research project throughout the term. We will work on this project throughout the term. This project will assess your ability to systematically and thoroughly describe, explain, and analyze the development of western civilization through investigating womenâ??s creative work in a given time and culture.

You will have the chance to study womenâ??s creative work, female artists, time periods, a particular western society, issues, western thought/major movements, and so forth of your interests. While the focus of this course is on western civilization, you are welcome to examine the Westâ??s influence to non-western world, if you so desire.

Identify a topic of your interests. Locate, read, and synthesize "scholarly" articles. Demonstrate your knowledge of the chosen topic and your ability to think beyond the historical facts. Complete a 7 page final paper demonstrating your â??in-depth" research outcome. Keep in mind that your paper should present a well-balanced content between factual information and your own analysis of the information you have been collecting/studying.

Use the following format for the research paper as your "guide". Note the word "guide" because you may find a need, given the specific topic you have selected, to modify. Remember that this is a research paper - not a longer version of an essay. The research paper should contain the following format: Purpose of Study, Opening Statement, Assumption or Hypothesis, Discussion of Findings, Recommendations, Conclusion/Summary, and Reference Page.

1) Purpose of Study - The final project should include a succinct statement that explains why you selected the particular area of interest and why it lends itself to a research paper. State the purpose of your research and why it interests you.

2) Opening Statement, Assumptions or Hypothesis - The project is a rigorous academic exercise and should be carefully thought out from beginning to end. It is imperative that you resist presentation of opinion as fact, and instead develop assumptions or hypotheses without reaching conclusions before you investigate the topic.
The opening statement, argument or hypothesis focuses your ideas for the paper; it's your argument, insight or viewpoint summarized into a sentence or two that gives the reader your main idea. It present the rationale for you paper and clearly indicates why it is worth exploring.

3) Discussion of Findings - You must demonstrate that you have expanded your knowledge of the subject. This is where you should cite a good number of sources (to be highly rigorous, between 10-15 sources, but at least 5 scholarly sources are expected) using the APA format. This section should discuss and offer an interpretation of the sources you cite. Choose the sources carefully. They should demonstrate your understanding of the research issues related to your topic and show your ability to critically evaluate/integrate the literary sources.

4) Recommendations and Conclusion/Summary - Offer your recommendations to the intended audience. Conclude the paper by highlighting most significant aspect of your research finding.

As upper level college course, your assignments will require you demonstrate upper level critical thinking/viewing, writing, and research skills. You will need to spend time on organizing ideas, searching for scholarly materials and reading them, polishing writing, and explaining theories using your own words. While research papers should contain descriptive information and facts, your own voice should outweigh the factual information. Please keep in mind that your instructor will evaluate papers based on your own thoughts and your interpretation/translation of other scholarly references, not how much you have directly inserted others' ideas.

Please reference the attachments and the comments I am providing below on how to handle this paper based on feedback:

A) Rather than trying to cover everything pertaining to Affirmative Action. As for example, after providing background info on its inception, you can focus on how it is currently operating in our own times by referencing specific professions and analyzing the pros and cons.

B) I really like your topic, your writing style is good and you already have quite a bit of research. I think the main issue to concentrate on is the direction and specific thesis. You have many good ideas but it would be helpful to narrow down the focus to one aspect of Affirmative Action otherwise the material may become unmanageable. As for example, you mentioned that discrimination in the workplace is still evident despite Affirmative action....this does not have to be the focus but I think you get the idea. I think that once you determine the specific direction, then the organization will come natural. Please make sure to use correct citation style of APA. It will be helpful to refer to further scholarly sources and be careful with online sources, especially wikipedia.

The course readings are as follows:

1. Sarah B. Pomeroy. Goddesses, Whores, Wives, and Slaves: Women in Classical Antiquity.
2. Elizabeth Wayland Barber. Women's Work: The First 20,000 Years: Women, Cloth, and Society in Early Times.
3. Whitney Chadwick . Women, Art, and Society .
4. Susan J. Douglas . Where the Girls Are: Growing Up Female With the Mass Media.


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